We are coming!

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22 October 2021

We are so pleased to welcome you into our Dali’s Museum of Bruges!

The exhibition takes place inside the medieval tower of Belfort, which is located in the center of the city.
The stunning medieval tower, is one the symbols of Bruges, and the town itself, with her mystery, is a perfect location for the enigmatic’s pieces of art of Salvador Dalí.
The Dalí Universe, is a company who takes care of more than hundred international exhibitions in prestigious locations all around the world of Dalí’s works.
In Bruges, this company, made a huge restyling of the location, creating a new visual identity, offering to the audience a spectacular artworks.
In this exposition you could admire amazing, extravagant, and unpublished works of the Catalan painter.
This exhibition will lead you, through an exciting path, to discover the fascinating mind of Dalí, the myth we all know.
You will observe three-dimensional pieces of art, stunning design works, wonderful colored glasses and precious jewels. From this works you’ll get in touch with the soul of Dalí, and you could try to understand his twisted view of life.

We are waiting for you!