François Boucheix’s works arrive in Bruges

A Dalinian artist in Bruges
4 July 2024

François Boucheix’s works arrive in Bruges!

François Boucheix, French surrealist painter and precursor of the Rêveriste, exhibits in our exhibition in Bruges. Rêveriste is a pictorial current that combines surrealism and onirism. This is evident in the works of Boucheix, author who for over 60 years has dedicated himself to the study of one of the most well-known concepts of Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis: the interpretations of dreams.

Color is a key element in his art. His works are characterized by bright shades, where even black becomes bright. One of the peculiarities of Boucheix’s Rêverisme is the lyrical character of his painting, often depicted with numerous musical instruments such as piano, cello, violin and double bass, which accompany the author’s signature.

There are many similarities with the art of Salvador Dalí, which Boucheix met during an exhibition at the Sèvres gallery in Paris entitled “Dalí to Boucheix”.

Discover the unique and fascinating art of François Boucheix in our exhibition in Bruges
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